We are a Mexican company that has, for more than 20 years, to research, development and commercialization of chemical products that focus on Green Technologies through high performances, significant savings, equipment care and reduction of impact to the environment, improving use conditions and energy resources consumption.


Continuous improvement of our products and services that use state-of-the-art technology as well as promoting environmental awareness and commitment to support to our customers by means of delivering an excellent service attitude and results oriented.


Create a variety of competitive and attractive products for the market by implementing economical and socially responsible returns that are environmentally friendly.


We have a high level of responsibility and respect towards our customers and strategic alliances, as well as teamwork, honesty, integrity, equality and tolerance, the same values that are permeated in our employees.


First Place
Regional Round Monterrey

CleanTech Challenge México 2013


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Regional Round Monterrey

CleanTech Challenge México 2013

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CleanTech Challenge México 2013

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CleanTech Challenge México 2013




We focus on the value and service to our clients, seeing them as an important part of our company, reaffirming it through the commitment and delivery of our staff and collaborators.

We develop products that comply in an outstanding manner with the standards of performance and impact on the environment.

We find efficiency as the basis of our applications, we offer multiple benefits in our products, increasing the value proposition of our customers.

Products made with social and environmental responsibility in mind,
contributing to energy savings